My Story

Hello!! My name is Nicole Teatom and I am a Scentsy Lady and I love it!! :) I first started Scentsy without any idea who I would even begin to sell the products to or how to get my name out there in any way! I knew I had to become a consultant though because I love Scentsy and their products and I wanted to give others the opportunity to love Scentsy too! I wanted the opportunity to show others what they may be missing out on and bring Scentsy into their homes! I have been a consultant for over a year now and I honestly it is much more than a job to me. It enables me to be a stay at home mom, a business owner, a networker, a party planner and so many other things! I have booked many events since I started selling Scentsy and I have made so many wonderful friends as well. Some of my now closest friends originally started off as customers, and still are hahaha! :) Even since I became a consultant Scentsy has expanded their product line so much appealing to all kinds of likes. There is something Scentsy for everyone whether they realize it yet or not.  Join me on this amazing adventure and together we can surpass any goals that we set because we have an amazing team behind us! Please feel free to ask me any questions you may have about joining my team or any other questions.   Thank you so much for choosing me as your consultant!     Read the Scentsy Story! <!--endbody-->